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SEIKEL 4x4 Partnership

SEIKEL 4x4 specializes in 4x4 vehicle conversions and they have a wide range of parts available for all makes and models. Their knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect parts for your vehicle and the experienced technicians will ensure that the job is done right the first time. André partnered with SEIKEL 4x4 to help develop parts and products for most 4x4 vehicles.

SEIKEL 4x4 Fitments

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The partnership between André and SEIKEL 4x4 has a unique aspect that ensures the development, testing and fitment of 4x4 accessories are world-class.

André help with the development and Seikel helps with the fitment of recovery points, front bumpers, spotlight brackets, winch brackets, rear bumpers, rock sliders, Kalahari Series products and many more.

More Information

For more information regarding SEIKEL 4x4 and the products they offer, visit their website by clicking on the button below.

If you want to contact them directly, feel free to email or phone them using the details below:

RSI Signature Canopies

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Kalahari Bumper Replacement

  • The Kalahari bumper replacement is a Andre4x4 design.

  • This winch-bar bull bar, consist of 3 parts, making it unique in every way.

  • A combination of the best quality materials was used to manufacture, this bull bar.

  • Its clever design ensures perfect movement, when the vehicle’s body maximally twisted, like for instance in a chassis twister.

  • It offers special mounting points for a set of spotlights and also a Spotlight bar.

  • It has 2 high-lift jacking points and 2 recovery points.

  • It comes standard with an aluminum sump guard, which can be integrated with an engine guard.

  • It makes provision for a winch and can even hold the Warn Zeon-10.

  • Fitment is not included in the price.

  • The bumper replacement carries a 1 year warranty.

Available for Models

  • VW Amarok

Rear Recovery Point

Available for Models

  • VW Amarok


For more information regarding the Rear Recovery Point, do not hesitate to contact using the details below:

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