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Camps for Men

André’s 4x4 Academy offer planning session ranging from vehicle planning sessions to expeditions planning. For more information please feel free to contact André.

Training for 4x4
Camps for Men

André hosts camps for men tailored to each groups‘ unique preferences or needs. Should you be interested in André hosting such a camp and 4x4 experience for a group.

Should you require more information in this regard, you can send André an email at

Canp with your buddies on a 4x4 adventure
Kampe vir Mans

André bied mannekampe in ooreenstemming met elke groep se unieke voorkeure en behoeftes aan. Indien jy daarin belangstel dat André so ‘n kamp en 4x4 ondervinding vir ‘n groep aanbied.

Indien jy in hierdie diens belngstel kontak André deur ‘n epos te aan

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