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Recommended Routes

There is multiple routes André has driven, in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique. You can recommend tracks or routes that you think he does not know about.

Recommend a Route André should try

André appreciates recommendations on routes he should drive. Please drop him a line should you wish to recommend a route to him, by sending him an email on

André's Recommended Destinations

André enjoys the bushveld very much, but his favorite place remains the ocean! André likes to visit Mozambique, Namibia and Botswana. When it comes to 4x4 driving, he prefers the dunes of Namibia and often goes there to play in the dunes.

André's Recommended Travel Destinations

The pristine coastline and sea waters of Mozambique have their charm and the higher you go up the coast, the more beautiful it becomes.

Did you know that Mozambique's coastline is longer than South Africa's?


Here the animals roam freely and offer you the opportunity for the unique experience of camping and sleeping among them. This is your chance to see the animals up close in their natural environment.

Apart from the incredible animal life in Botswana, there are of course also pans where you can just sit still and enjoy the creation.


The animal migrations that take place here are without exception a special experience to see, and a must on any nature lover's bucket list.


In this country, you will find some of the largest dunes in the world. Some of these dunes are up to 100m high!

In Namibia, you can still drive your vehicle over the dunes without damaging nature.

The most beautiful thing about Namibia remains the change in colour of the pristine natural scenes before you, as the day gets older.

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