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Lord's Wines

Nestled away in glorious isolation, at the end of the McGregor valley lies Lord’s Wines. High up the McGregor Mountains, you will find an oasis of lush green lawns, sweeping vistas, and indigenous fynbos. With a breath-taking panoramic view and vineyards 500m above sea level, André regularly visit the farm to enjoy the scenery and to enjoy a glass or two of his favourite wine.

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André Endorses Lord's Wine
lord wines wines
lord wines wines
lord wines wines
lord wines wines
lord wines wines
lord wines wines
lord wines wines
lord wines wines
lord wines wines

High up on the northern slopes of the mountains surrounding Robertson in the fertile McGregor valley lays Lord’s Wines cradled amidst fynbos and Proteas. At 500m above sea level, the vineyards are the highest in the Robertson valley enjoying a climate which is cooler than most and making it suitable for producing Pinot Noir and our other award winning wines from specially selected cultivars.

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The Winery
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Jacie Oosthuizen, whose family has farmed fruit, vegetables and export Proteas, attracted a few passionate wine lovers to invest in a dream of owning a cellar thar produces iconic, world class wines. This marked the establishment of Lord’s Wines 2003. The wine farm of 33ha is part of the original Oosthuizen farmland and the name “Lord’s” is a result of Jacie’s devotion to the game of cricket and its home – Lord’s Home of Cricket – in North West London. The cellar, which holds all the modern equipment to produce world class wines, was built in time to receive the maiden harvest in 2006 and bears testament to the involvement and energy of Lord’s shareholders. The market reaction was positive and the maiden Pinot Noir was soon sold out. Jacie focused on viticulture and as the operation expanded took on winemaker Ilse van Dijk.

The Winemaker
Ilse van Dijk winemaker

Ilse van Dijk grew up in Potchefstroom and always wanting to create and experience new things, enrolled at the University of Stellenbosch for a degree in BSc Agric in Viticulture and Oenology. She joined Lord’s in 2010 and has already created exceptional wines. Ilse takes pride in her range of handcrafted wines. Her experience in the wine industry and acclaimed awards moulded her into the professional yet passionate winemaker that she is today.

“My goal is to create timeless, elegant, balanced wines that everyone will enjoy. When I open a bottle of wine, I want to enjoy it to the last drop.”

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This terroir was identified as being suitable for an exclusive winery, capable of producing grapes of high quality from specially selected cultivars. The concept of terroir was the main influence in choosing the right cultivars for Lord’s Wines. Situated between 480m and 500m above sea level, temperatures remain cool and flavours are well preserved in the grapes. Vineyard slopes vary from facing east to south-east giving the grapes slightly less sunlight hours and lower temperatures than in the valley, being ideal for preserving the natural acidity and pH in the grapes of varieties such as Pinot Noir. At Lord’s we strive to represent our specific terroir in the characteristics of our wine.

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For Any Further Information And Orders, Please Visit Lord's Winery On:

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Tel : +27  23  625  1265
Fax: +27 86 514 2512

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