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Andre 4x4 car

Safari Planning

André’s 4x4 Academy offer planning session ranging from vehicle planning sessions to expeditions planning. For more information please feel free to contact André.

safari cars on adventure
Safari Planning

André is well equipped to assist groups and individuals with planning their safaris. Both novice and seasoned safari travelers will his advice very helpful and invaluable.

The planning consists out of the following:

  • Tour planning per day

  • Trip report showing distance as well as travel time and road conditions

  • Overnight places at campsites as well as chalets

  • Accommodation contact details

  • Fuel filling points Stock replenishment points

  • Safari tips and pitfalls Equipment list (what to bring)

Should you require more information in this regard, you can send André an email at

Safari beplanning karre op n reistog
Safari Beplanning

André help jou om jou safari tydens ‘n persoonlike afspraak te beplan deur onder andere spesifiek aan die  volgende punte aandag te gee:

  • Toerbeplanning per dag

  • Ritstaat wat afstand sowel as reistyd en padtoestande aandui

  • Oornagplekke by kamptereine asook chalets

  • Akkommodasie kontakbesonderhede

  • Brandstof aanvulpunte

  • Voorraad aanvullingspunte

  • Safari-wenke en -slaggate

  • Toerusting lys (wat om saam te neem)

Indien jy in hierdie diens belngstel kontak André deur ‘n epos te aan

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