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TV Series

Renowned TV presenter and 4x4 specialist Andre de Villiers has almost 30 years of experience exploring and teaching his skills. Andre has become one of the most respected experts in the 4x4 community and presented two hit TV series on KykNet. The first season of his series 'Safari 4x4 roetes' aired in 2007 and the last in 2016. Since then, Andre has worked on training like-minded 4x4 enthusiasts and hosting self-drive safaris. His more recent series '4x4 met Andre' will continue in 2023 with a brand new season! Andre's passion for 4x4 vehicles and adventure through the beautiful and sometimes challenging South African landscapes. 

4x4 met Andre

Filming of the new season has begun! 
We are very excited about the new vehicles that will be tested, and the places that we'll visit. 

Watch our social media for updates and news about our progress, and keep Monday the 2nd of October open! The new season will air every Monday, on kykNET channel 144.

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Safari 4x4 Roetes

Die kykNET reeks Safari 4x4 Roetes het tot einde geloop, maar ons is hard aan die werk aan die nuwe seisoen van 4x4 met Andre, wat vanaf Oktober 2023 op die lug sal wees. 


Intussen beplan ons ook aan die volgende toere. Blok solank die 3de tot die 15de Februarie 2024 uit vir Safari 4x4 Roetes se Visvangsafari na die Skedelkus en Kunene Mond, in die westelike gedeelte van die Namib. Meer hieroor op sosiale media.

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