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André presents the popular kykNET television series Safari 4x4 Roetes

André presents the popular kykNET

television series Safari 4x4 Roetes

Zambia Climate

January to March

This is officially Zambia’s rainy season. Known as the ‘Green Season’ this is actually a time of staggering beauty as the parched landscape and dry rivers rapidly fill and flourish into a lush wetland paradise. Many people argue that this is when Zambia is at its most beautiful.

The ‘Green Season’ however is not the best time for game viewing solely because much of the country gets bogged down, quickly becoming a swampland impassable to even the most hardened safari vehicles. Because of this, the majority of the country has no choice but to shut down.

The exception to the rule is the Mfuwi area of South Luangwa, the gateway to the park. Here roads are passable and with very few visitors because of the rains, the quality of safari is superb. The Mfuwi area has a superb infrastructure and has always had an abundance of resident game. Couple this with the fact that the time of year sees incredible birdlife as the migrants come to feed, displaying their mating colors and Wilddog also tend to return to the Valley floor, and you have arguably Zambia’s best kept secret!
By mid March the rains start to ease off and the last of the Green Seasons impressive storms disappear over the escarpment. The Lower Zambezi, Kafue and North Luangwa's camps are all closed throughout the season.

April to May

This still sees much of the countries parks and lodges closed but the rains have ended and gradually the permanent lodges of the South Luangwa open up. Visually the country loses its vibrant lush green color and starts to turn a golden brown. The migrants the birders have been watching for the past few months fly out towards the end of May but big game starts to return to the rivers as the watering holes across the country start to dry out.


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