Andre 4x4
André presents the popular kykNET television series Safari 4x4 Roetes

André presents the popular kykNET

television series Safari 4x4 Roetes

Mozambique Weather

Spring: October - November
Summer: December - March
Autumn: April - May
Winter: May – September

The average temperature for Mozambique is a balmy 28ºC all year round. The climate varies slightly according to the regions of the country. The coast experiences a sub-tropical climate while the northern parts of the county are tropical. Generally, the hot rainy season is from December to March. The average temperature along the coast is 29º C (88º F).

Inland, temperatures are slightly cooler, but conditions are more humid. In the dry season, April to November, temperatures along the coast average 27ºC (80ºF).

Rainfall along the coast is heavy, but decreases in the north and south. Cyclones are common during the wet season. The average temperature ranges in Maputo range from 13 degrees to 24 degrees Celsius in July, to 22 to 31 degrees Celsius in February.
What is the best time to visit Mozambique?

The best time to visit is between May and November, when rainfall and temperatures are at its lowest. It is also good to travel during the early part of the warm, rainy season from November to January, but be prepared for sweltering temperatures, especially during January.

Try to avoid the height of the rains, from February to March/April, as many of the roads become impassable and flooding is common in the south and centre. During the holiday season, i.e. Easter, Christmas, New Years and in August, Mozambique’s southern coastal resorts become overrun with visitors and travellers, so book in advance.


Andrè besoek VW Handelaars in jou dorp. Om hom te ontmoet, saam te ry en te gesels oor 4x4 praatjies. Kontak jou handelaar direk vir 'n bespreking.

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Safari 4x4 Roetes

André de Villiers is welbekend in Suid-Afrikaanse 4x4- en veldry-kringe. Hy is die aanbieder van die gewilde Safari 4x4 Roetes op kykNET (kanaal 144). Reeks 13 herhaal nou weer Maandae 21:30 op kykNET & kie (kanaal 145). Heruitsendings is Vrydag 10:30, Saterdag 23:00 & Sondag 22:30.

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4x4 Training

André recommends 4x4 driver training as an essential part of enjoying your 4x4 vehicle safely and optimally. Book training at André’s 4x4 Academy. E-mail to to book your place now for the AMAROK EXPERT TRAINING with André de Villiers in 2020.

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André's Calendar

Find information on upcoming events and places where André 4x4 will be in action. See list of Volkswagen Dealers where you can meet Andrè.

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