Andre 4x4
André presents the popular kykNET television series Safari 4x4 Roetes

André presents the popular kykNET

television series Safari 4x4 Roetes

Botswana's Seasons and Climate

Dry Season:

Botswana is dry from April to October, and this is the best time to see game as animals congregate around permanent water sources and the foliage is sparse. Only permanent rivers flow in this season and central areas of the parks dry out. There is always some water in the Okavango Delta, but by October the channels are narrow and the floodplains are mossy green but dry. With the oncoming threat of rain, the air becomes hot and October temperatures head into the high 30's°C (86°F).

Wet Season:

If it is going to rain it falls from November to March. These are summer months so it is hot and humid. Some roads become impassable due to the sticky mud, so difficult to reach lodges and camps may close for a few months. The rainy season attracts a huge influx of birds, such as Flamingoe that feed in the algae rich pans and raise their chicks. Many grazing animals also give birth at this time, as the landscape is lush and there is an abundance of food.
Although the rainy season is generally from October to April, there is great variation in the time of its arrival and departure, in the quantity of rain that falls and in its distribution. The amount of rainfall decreases from the north-east of the country to the south-west, and as it does so its variability increases.

Thus the north-east might expect 600mm of rain with a variability of about 30%, whilst the drier south-west will receive, on average, only 200mm, with a variability of about 80%. Rain tends to fall in short, sometimes violent thundershowers. Although rain may first fall in September, the greatest amounts fall in the months of December, January and February. It is important to note that, at any time of year, it does not normally rain on more than 2 consecutive days.


Andrè besoek VW Handelaars in jou dorp. Om hom te ontmoet, saam te ry en te gesels oor 4x4 praatjies. Kontak jou handelaar direk vir 'n bespreking.

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Safari 4x4 Roetes

André de Villiers is welbekend in Suid-Afrikaanse 4x4- en veldry-kringe. Hy is die aanbieder van die gewilde Safari 4x4 Roetes op kykNET (kanaal 144). Reeks 13 herhaal nou weer Maandae 21:30 op kykNET & kie (kanaal 145). Heruitsendings is Vrydag 10:30, Saterdag 23:00 & Sondag 22:30.

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André recommends 4x4 driver training as an essential part of enjoying your 4x4 vehicle safely and optimally. Book training at André’s 4x4 Academy. E-mail to to book your place now for the AMAROK EXPERT TRAINING with André de Villiers in 2020.

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